CHANGE can be hard– you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs…

It’s not easy making the decision to ‘move up’. If you’re like many people, you’ve spent time and care renovating your present home to your liking and you are attached to it. Then one day, you may find yourself needing more room or maybe you need to change location or perhaps, you just feel like a change. The thought of selling can be daunting if you consider all the work and effort in getting your house ready as well as the cleaning, the packing, the moving, and unpacking. The question is: is there a property out there that would make it all worthwhile?

First off, you need to do two things:

Assess your buying position as it stands now considering the following:

  • How much mortgage have you paid down?
  • What is your house presently worth in today’s market?
  • What other debts do you have?
  • What costs are associated with moving?
  • How much money do you have left over for a down payment?
  • Talk to a mortgage specialist to see what interest rate you could qualify for in case you wanted to move forward.

Research properties with your desired parameters to educate yourself as to what’s out there and for what price.

Are there several properties in your price range that motivate you or just a few? Are you being realistic?

Once you’ve completed these two steps, you can evaluate how strongly you feel about moving. If the answer is ‘yes’, then the next step is deciding if you want to buy or sell first, that classic ‘which came first chicken or egg question’. Each comes with a certain amount of risk.

If you sell first, you may find yourself under a tight deadline to find another house, or be forced in temporary quarters. If you buy first, you may be saddled with two mortgage payments for at least a couple months. You may need the money from the sale of your original home in order to pre-qualify for a loan for your new home.

Weighing the pros and cons can be difficult. There are many variables involved and there is no universal correct answer. It basically comes down to your specific circumstances. Take some of the stress off and minimize your risks by having a professional guide you into make the right decision for you. To learn more about the process give me a call and I’d be glad to answer any of your questions.


Danyelle goes the extra mile without being asked. Her approach is personable, honest and reliable. Buying a home is a life changing investment decision. I trust Danyelle’s expertise. She keeps her knowledge current. I would recommend her to anyone in the market because she knows what she’s doing and can make a potentially stressful experience fun!

Lana Pesch

Danyelle goes the extra mile without being asked. Her approach is personable, honest and reliable. Buying a home is a life changing investment decision. I trust Danyelle’s expertise. She keeps her knowledge current. I would recommend her to anyone in the market because she knows what she’s doing and can make a potentially stressful experience fun!

Lana & Dave
When we downsized to a condo we expected to live there for the rest of our lives until the restrictions of the pandemic prompted us to change our minds and move closer to our daughter. We couldn’t have had a more helpful and attentive agent than Danyelle. She was with us all the way both through the buying and the selling. No question was too small to receive a considered explanation and she also  brought to our attention aspects of the process which had escaped our notice. We recommend Danyelle wholeheartedly.
Roberta and Robin Woods

Danyelle is an extremely experienced realtor with an expert feel for the nuances of the volatile GTA market. She is very attuned to the psychology of buyers and sellers, which enables her to work some real magic. She took our beloved but unrenovated home and turned it from ‘meh’ to multiple offers, selling in six days. The business of real estate is stressful, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Danyelle’s combination of sensitivity and shrewdness helped us get the best possible result with the least amount of upset. We highly recommend her!

Patricia Pearson

Danyelle did an incredible job marketing, listing and selling my house. She followed through on all her promises and provided me with solid advice with respect to the selling process.

Dan St. Amour

Danyelle was completely on top of things, went beyond the call of duty, never pressured us, and responded to our interests and concerns. She was absolutely fantastic!

Ruby & Dan

Danyelle really worked hard to get great results for us with our purchase and our sale. She got us a great price on the house we bought; value for the money. For our sale she exceeded our expectations on all levels; staging and presenting the house, digging for answers for prospective buyers and handling offer night so professionally and with ease. I definitely recommend Danyelle.

Della Lytle

Danyelle did an excellent job at every step of the process, from helping me identify potential properties to all the details involved in completing the purchase of a home.

Adrian Shubert

We were referred to Danyelle from a friend when we needed to sell our condo on Queen West. From our first introductory meeting it was clear that Danyelle brought a ton of local market knowledge and professional expertise. The condo sold within a day for above asking. We would recommend Danyelle to anyone looking to buy or sell in the west end.

Tom Aagaard

Danyelle exceeded my expectations compared to my prior experiences. She had a calm presence while focusing on how to achieve my sale/purchase in a very stressful and competitive market. I was always confident that Danyelle was 100% honest and I will recommend her to all my friends.

Laurel Woodcock

Danyelle has been super! — prompt, well-informed, enthusiastic, fun to deal with, a true professional. I highly recommend her!

Ian Radforth

Danyelle listens carefully to find out what kind of a home you are looking for, within your budget, and goes out of her way to help you to find it. She clearly loves what she does and can help you find any other expert help you need (from mortgage brokers to home inspectors to contractors and more) to make the home-buying experience a truly rewarding one.- November 18, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Cheryl Siebel


  • Disassociate yourself from your home.
  • De-personalise.
  • De-clutter.
  • Tidy up bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets.
  • Rent a storage unit.
  • Remove/replace favourite items.
  • Make minor repairs.
  • Make the house sparkle!
  • Check curb appeal.
  • Add charm and highlight your home’s best assets! That’s where I come in.

Did you know that 90% of buyers first shop for a new home on the Internet? First impressions are critical!

  • Staged properties and good online photos make a positive emotional impact that attract buyers to your home and ultimately, to the bargaining table.
  • Staged properties spend less time on the market than un-staged properties and they sell for as much as 6% more.* Buyers shop with their heads and their hearts; while most look for specific characteristics in a property, they also look for that special quality of ‘home’. I take pride in my listings and my goal is to exceed their expectations, online and in person, by presenting your home as their home.

*According to statistics calculated by the Real Estate Staging Association.

Give me a call to learn more about my services tailored to your budget.

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